Types of Projects that Benefit from Hiring a Ghostwriter

blog featured image-ghostwriting projectsWhen you hear the word, “ghostwriter” most people think of books or political speeches, but in fact, just about every form of writing and content can be and is produced by ghostwriters.

Check out this list of different forms of writing that are frequently performed by ghostwriters:


From printed magazine articles to digital articles published on the likes of Forbes of Huffington Post—or even your own company blog—ghostwriters regularly create this type of writing for clients.


Just about anyone can benefit from a professionally written biography at some point in their career. Whether it’s a LinkedIn profile, or for a press release or an upcoming presentation, a well-crafted bio can help you stand out, get noticed, and be remembered. A professional writer can help you spice up a boring bio and position you as both an authority and an intriguing/fun/quirky human being worth knowing.

Blog posts

Quality content for your website has a huge impact on your website’s SEO value and conversion rates. The trick is in consistently turning out fresh, new content to attract and engage visitors. The demand for content is nonstop. Hiring a ghostwriter (or copywriter) can help you stay on top of the important task of keeping your digital content up-to-date and on-brand.


You may have heard that story that “everyone has a book in them.” That may well be true, but not everyone has the time, energy, or skill to put their story on paper in a way that makes others want to read it. For a non-writer or a busy professional, getting that story from inside your head and onto the page can be made easier by outsourcing to a qualified ghostwriter.

FUN FACT: It’s estimated that approximately 80% of all nonfiction books today have been written by ghostwriters.

Email newsletters

Email marketing has a nearly 4000% ROI for B2B communications. Why? Because email is direct communication that goes to people who have subscribed to your list. No other form of corporate communication is more direct (except maybe a phone call). Naturally, having content that is of interest to your audience and written to motivate, inspire, and compel action is important.

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Many manufacturers or companies who offer tech services need user guides and manuals—either printed or digital or both—to explain how to use their product or service. When written internally by technical engineers, those manuals can be overly fussy, complicated, or difficult. A ghostwriter can make company manuals user-friendly and more relatable.

Press releases

Editors and news producers are some of the busiest people you can imagine and most give preference to press releases that are so well-written they can be used without further editing. A ghostwriter skilled in PR writing
 can make sure your press release makes it to the editor’s desk and not their trash bin.


TV and movie producers are not the only ones who rely on scripts written by outsiders.
 Businesses developing explainer videos or podcast campaigns can benefit from having a ghostwriter produce the narration or scripted dialogue for these projects.


What was once a device used primarily by technology companies, white papers are now a staple of marketing communications. Whitepapers might offer insider tips and tricks or research with the goal of educating your target market and offering value to your audience.

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