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Ever since she spent her evenings banging out bad poetry and short stories on an old Smith Corona manual typewriter, Üma has been involved in creative storytelling.

With her roots in publishing, Üma has worked on both the visual design and the narrative sides of storytelling. Publications she has designed, written, or produced run the gamut from lifestyle to political news to punk rock magazines to lifestyle consumer titles. Her stories are evocative, grounded in truth, and full of humor, wit and creative storytelling skill.

Üma has authored and published two yoga books and developed and launched her own brand, BikeYoga, in 2009. She has designed, written, and edited books for others, ranging from 300+ page product catalogs to authoritative books on Buddhism and meditation. Her creative fiction has been published in a Storybones anthology.

During her studies in emerging media at Center for Media Arts in New York, Üma won the dubious honor of oddest assortment of college jobs, which included working as an Off-Off Broadway theater technician, go-go dancer, social work intern, and bike messenger.

An inveterate storyteller, Üma hones her chops in front of live audiences at events like The Moth, Salon and On Anon, Seven Deadly Sins, ROAR Voices, and others.

When not writing and designing, Üma can often be found crashing her mountain bike all over the Pacific Northwest, and working on feminist and social justice issues.



“Üma does a lot of things really well. She’s a highly productive creative professional with a unique skill set across several content mediums—as both a copywriter and designer. I highly recommend her—she’s a joy to work with and a real producer. 

Marketing Director, Verde PR

“Uma was a very dependable and consistent editorial columnist with a high degree of integrity. She took her work very seriously, had great attention to detail, and was driven to achieve success with everything she did as a contributor.”

Managing Editor, GoLocalPDX

“A friend of friend highly recommended Uma and I quickly realized why: She is amazing. For example, Uma created numerous marketing brochures for us, most of them had to do with something technical and the content had to be rewritten in a way that humans could understand; that was a huge deal for us. Thanks to Uma, we now have fantastic marketing materials and a brand to build upon and be proud of.”

Marketing Director, Centerlogic

“Uma worked for me on dozens of print projects. We worked together remotely for many years and she was a strong team member and collaborator. Uma’s work always finished on-time or better than deadline. She was my go-to designer because her work was creative, original, and excellent. I highly recommend her and I will continue to use her in the future.”

Writer, Editor, Time Inc Publishing

“Uma is multi-talented and a pioneer. She will bring her passion to anything she does. She is a force to be reckoned with!”

Creative Director and Photographer, D Sharp

“Uma’s writing is clever and clear without talking down to her audience. She communicates in an extremely personal and humble manner that balances her authority with her authenticity. ”

Corporate Trainer and Consultant, Gracie’s Wrench